EXODUS: 40% of residents plan to leave San Francisco as crime rises; 76% call for more police

Posted from: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-03-residents-leave-san-francisco-crime.html

(Natural News) San Francisco used to be a picturesque tourist destination and great place to live, but all that has changed dramatically in recent years as crime and homelessness rise, prompting residents to flee the city in droves. Homeless encampments and human feces on the streets are quickly replacing the Golden Gate Bridge and cable…

Family doctor BLOWS THE WHISTLE on "extreme side effects" of Moderna vaccine, explains how the "vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than COVID-19"

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(Natural News) The whole premise of getting a vaccine is based on the supposed science that proves there is more of a threat from the disease than the vaccine itself. Yet, three months after getting vaccinated with the Moderna Covid-19 jab, six of this doctor’s patients are STILL experiencing severe neurological side effects, and they…

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China is stealing your DNA with home ancestry kits

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(Natural News) At-home DNA testing kits have become all the rage as people seek to identify their ancestry. The only problem is that many of these companies are Chinese fronts that collect people’s genetic blueprints and use them for unknown purposes. During a recent hearing, Dr. Steven Quay explained how the process typically works. What…

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Covid cures literally grow like weeds, yet most people buy lawn poison to kill them off, thereby killing themselves

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(Natural News) In today’s Situation Update, we discuss the astonishing truth that covid cures literally grow like weeds (such as dandelion weeds), yet most people rush to Home Depot to buy toxic, cancer-causing herbicides so they can poison their own lawns, killing off the dandelions and thereby killing themselves in the long run. Mother Nature…

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